Trails of Västmanland

For a fun and safe cycling trip — plan ahead

  • Download the Naturkartan (Outdoor map) app on either iOS or Android, and go to the Trails of Västmanland guide.
  • Read the advice and pick the trails that best meet your needs and ability.
  • Use the digital map on the Trails of Västmanland guide if any signs are missing.
  • Bike with others or (if going solo) tell someone where you plan to bike and when you expect to return from your ride.
  • Bring a fully-charged mobile phone with you. Please install the 112 app — in case you need to call for assistance. It can automatically identify your location.
  • It’s a good idea to bring water and snacks for a longer ride, as well as a first-aid kit and tools to repair your bike.
  • Always wear a bicycle helmet when biking on a Trails of Västmanland route. You should also wear other forms of protection if biking where there is a greater risk of an accident.
  • Be sure to do a simple safety check of your bike before heading out. Confirm that nothing is rattling, the chain is lubricated, the handlebar is tight, and the brakes are working properly. If you removed the wheels when transporting your bike, double-check that they are securely re-attached.

Respect the area and local wildlife

  • Follow the basic principle of "Allemansrätten" (Right of Public Access): “do not disturb or destroy”.
  • All trails pass through privately-owned land. The Trails of Västmanland routes are in a region of supportive landowners that allow for cycling and mountain biking in designated areas, which they trust everyone will help maintain.
  • Do not expand a route by choosing to take new, alternative tracks.
  • Do not bike on wet, muddy trails as they form tracks, which cause the paths to widen and increases the need for trail maintenance.
  • Ride through puddles. Do not bike around them because that would widen the trails.
  • Ride or bike through the technical areas, not around them.
  • Avoiding heavy breaking or riding with locked brakes, which wears out the path and increases the need for trail maintenance.
  • Leave the area in a better condition than how you found it. Take your trash out with you and pick up after others.

Many others enjoy the trails

  • Most of our trails are multipurpose routes, where you can encounter hikers, runners, and horseback riders. And many may not expect there will be someone biking on the trail.
  • If you want to pass another person on the trail, slow down and call out to them, then wait until the terrain is safe to pass. Be sure to say thank you and hello.
  • When encountering horseback riders, make sure that the horse is aware of you and hears your voice. Avoid screeching brakes and ringing a bicycle bell. You should also speak to the rider to ensure they, the horse, and you share the trail safely.
  • If you need to stop to rest or make any adjustment, please move over to the side of the path, so you are not in the way of other cyclists passing by.
  • And also…greet everyone pleasantly.

Have a safe and wonderful ride!

Please tell us if you see any needed maintenance on the trail, e.g. a tree has fallen over the path, or there’s a missing trail marker. Use the report function in the Trails of Västmanland app. Thank you for helping us maintain the trails, so everyone can keep using them.