Trails of Västmanland

Fagersta — Landsbergstriangeln (the Landsberg Triangle)

Fagersta, Västmanlands län


  • Hiking
  • Circular trail
  • Trail running

Caves from the ice age, dreamy forests, and magnificent views

The very popular Landsbergstriangeln (the Landsberg Triangle) hiking trail is a 16-km route that includes sections of the famous (and much longer) Bruksleden hiking trail. It leads through a dreamy forest and along beautiful lakes and streams. Remnants of iron mines and foundries from hundreds of years ago line the path and add a sense of wonder. A detour down the short Issjöstigen trail leads to a beautiful canyon and impressive talus caves formed by ice age glaciers. It’s well worth the extra kilometre! But the big highlight is, of course, Landsberget hill with its magnificent view of the area — with the best spot for views at a scenic overview 300 m from the main trail down the Issjöstigen trail and lower Landsberget parking area.

The Landsberget Triangle is a well-marked trail that’s very easy to follow. Trailheads with maps are located at the upper Landsberget parking area and the Trummelsberg parking area. The route mainly runs along natural forest paths with some rocks and roots throughout. The terrain is hilly in some stages, especially around Landsberget hill. Walkways and bridges allow hikers to safely cross over water and marshy ground. For overnight stays, there’s a wind shelter with a fire pit at the top of Landsberget hill and a small cabin with a firepit at Stora Trehörningen lake. There are also many spots to rest and take a break around the lakes and at various lookout points. The whole hike takes 5-6 hours, depending on the number of breaks.

Hikers can begin the Landsberg Triangle at the parking lot next to the historic Trummelsberg iron foundry, as well as the upper or lower parking areas north of Landsberget hill. Once at a trailhead, hikers can choose to go along the trail clockwise or counterclockwise. The small detour down the Issjöstigen trail is well worth a visit, and there are markings to find the path along the main trail around Landsberget hill. Issjöstigen trail is about 500 m long and extends from an intersection on the main trail that’s 150 m northwest of the top of Landsberget’s hill and then runs down to the path between the top of Landsberget hill and the lower parking area.

Any trip to the Landsberg Triangle will naturally entice you to make an extended visit to the surrounding area. In nearby Fagersta, there are several nice cafes and eateries, options for accommodation, and, of course, a large selection of outdoor activities. Feel free to visit the municipality's website for more information about what you can experience and do in Fagersta.