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Skinnskatteberg — the Ormdalslingan trail

Skinnskatteberg, Västmanlands län


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The Ormdalsslingan trail outside Skinnskatteberg is a 5.8 km long hiking trail that offers a walk of varied beauty through fairy-tale-like forests. The trail takes you through the scenic Baggådalen valley and the Ormdalen valley nature reserve. Along the way, you encounter steep and moss-covered mountain sides, sparkling streams, and scattered bogs. The hike takes about two hours, but be sure to set aside a bit more time to enjoy the calm of the forest and lovely birdsong.

The Ormdalsslingan trail is a well-marked route that mostly features root-filled forest paths. Well-maintained bridges and walkways take you safely over any waterways and marsh. You will find the trail entrance with a map and information sign at Nedre Borgfors, which is close to the Hedströmmen river and not far from the trail's parking lot. Along the trail, you will also find 19 information markers that tell the fascinating history of the area and the flora and fauna. From the trailhead, it is recommended to start walking along the Ormdalsslingan trail in a counterclockwise direction.

Going counterclockwise along the Ormdalsslingan trail, you will initially follow a gravel path through open landscapes. Soon after, you'll walk into a large forest where the path continues along scenes of unspoiled nature. After a few kilometres, you'll reach Ormputten pond, which has a wind shelter and firepit. It’s an enchanting spot that lies in a quiet and isolated location. The walk continues along what is perhaps the most beautiful part of the route. You walk through a forest like from a fairy tale, surrounded by steep and moss-covered mountain sides and teaming with flowing streams and the rapid waters of the Hedströmmen river. Sometimes it gets steep and narrow along the path that follows deep cracks formed when glaciers withdrew and carved the valleys out about 10,000 years ago. In the valleys, there are beautiful winding streams surrounded by a woodland floor that looks incredible in the spring when it’s covered with flowering wood anemone (known as “vitsippa” in Swedish). Before you return to the trailhead, you will find a couple of rest areas with gorgeous views along the Hedströmmen river.

If you wish to extend your stay in Skinnskatteberg, there’s plenty to experience and do. Just 4 km from the Ormdalsstigen trail you will find the Baggå-Skola café and BnB. With their popular farm-to-table concept, you can enjoy daily fresh wraps, garden salads, and freshly pressed vanilla and rhubarb drinks. If you want to enjoy the local manor house estate, the luxurious Färna Herrgård & Spa (Färna Manor Estate & Spa) features an award-winning kitchen with innovative cuisine made from local produce. On the other hand, if you wish to continue the outdoor theme some more, Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge prides itself as “Sweden's most primitive hostel”. Here, you can spend the night in a replica kolarkoja, a traditional forest hut that was famously used by Sweden’s coal miners centuries ago.

Welcome to Skinnskatteberg and the Ormdalslingan trail!


The start of the Ormdalslingan trail is 1 km northwest of Skinnskatteberg in Nedre Borgfors. Drive from Skinnskatteberg on highway 233 toward Kopparberg for approximately 5 km. Turn left at the signs for "Kopparberg" and "Örebro". Turn right almost directly at the sign for "Kopparberg". Drive approximately 5.4 km. Turn left at the sign for the "Ormdalen nature reserve" sign. Turn directly left down towards the parking lot, where the Ormdalsstigen trail begins.


You can book tickets for a bus or train to Skinnskatteberg station via (train) or (bus). You can then book a ride with Taxi Skinnskatteberg to the trailhead, which is about 1 km outside of Skinnskatteberg.


There are signs indicating where you can park. The parking area and the start of the Ormdalslingan trail are 400 m from where you turn off highway 233. Parking area 1 is located 300 m past the wind shelter, and after another 100 m, you'll find parking area 2. The parking lot is located after the gravel road along Hedströmmen river in Nedre Borgfors. There is plenty of room for different types of vehicles.


The Ormdalsslingan trail consists mostly of winding nature trails with some roots and stones

The terrain is mainly flat, but there are a few shorter slopes. Walkways and bridges take you safely over any waterways and marsh.