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Sala - Wheelchair friendly route

Sala, Västmanlands län


  • Hiking
  • Wheelchair accessible

Discover Sala with Ease – Wheelchair and Stroller Friendly!

Embark on a journey through historic Sala, and discover the town's captivating past along with the serenity of its natural surroundings. This suggested route ensures a wheelchair and stroller-friendly exploration, unveiling Sala's enchanting facets along accessible paths and roads. On the snow-free season, this route encompass a harmonious mix of paved and gravel roads. While certain stretches may present occasional bumps or muddy spots in rainy weather, rest assured, they remain obstacle-free for wheelchair users.

This suggested route weaves together a selection of trails and public roads across Sala, but lacks its own dedicated trail markings. Instead, navigate using the GPS function on outoor map, and choose if you wish to explore the route in its entirety or your selected segments. Along these scenic pathways, you'll encounter some of Sala's most captivating cultural and natural highlights.

The suggested route commences in the heart of Sala, a quaint town adorned with architectural gems reflecting its history, predominantly shaped by the silver mining. Immerse yourself in Sala's mining estates, charming shops, and inviting cafes before meandering towards the picturesque Ekeby Dam and Sala City Park, a verdant oasis west of the town center—a must-visit haven!

Starting from Ekeby Dam, the route follows Sala Canal, or "pråmån," leading you to Sala Silver Mine. Pråmån, an artificial canal, once served as the conduit for manually pulled barges transporting ore from the mine to the refinery. The approximately 3 km journey to the mine primarily unfolds on well-paved pedestrian and cycling paths.

Upon reaching Sala Silver Mine, a trove of experiences awaits. Roam freely through the mining site or delve into the mine's exhibitions during opening hours. For a detailed overview of Sala Silver Mine's offerings, peruse their website.

Continuing from Sala Silver Mine, the route meanders along the paths bordering Grissbach Canal towards Måns Ols restaurant and Lake Långforsen. Grissbach Canal, a crucial component of Sala Silver Mine's extensive water system, was crafted to power colossal water wheels. This segment encompasses 3 km of gravel paths, weaving through enchanting nature and lush woodlands. While the wheelchair user might encounter intermittent bumps, the route remains devoid of impassable obstacles.

Upon arriving at Lake Långforsen and Måns Ols restaurant, a panorama of the serene lake awaits, providing the perfect backdrop for lunch, dinner, or a leisurely coffee break. Conclude your journey here or opt to venture a bit further along Långforsen. A gravel pathway lines the lake's eastern shoreline, guiding you to the Skuggan area (approximately 700 m). Beyond this point, the trail continues through Gruvdammsrundan, transitioning into rocky forest paths unsuitable for wheelchairs.

While this suggested route isn't circular, customization is at your fingertips, allowing you to seamlessly turn the excursion into one that suits your preferences. You can retrace your steps along the same route or explore alternative paths back to Sala's city center. From Måns Ols, several routes beckon, guiding you back to Sala's heart along well-paved walking and cycling paths, easily navigable using your preferred map application.

Welcome to Sala!


You can reach Sala Station by both train and bus.


Free parking is available at Sala station for 48 hours with a parking disc. At the long-term parking area at Sala station, there are also two charging stations for electric cars.

Parking is also available at Sala Silver Mine and at Måns Ols


Half of the proposed route follows pedestrian and cycle paths, while the other half traverses gravel trails. Wheelchair users should anticipate occasional unevenness along the gravel paths, though the trails are devoid of insurmountable obstacles.


No obstacles are encountered that would necessitate the wheelchair user to turn back; however, anticipate uneven terrain.