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Arboga — Tjurlångsleden trail

Arboga, Västmanlands län


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The Tjurlångsleden trail is a 10 km long hiking trail that takes you through various forest landscapes around Lake Tjurlången outside Arboga. You spend the entire route near the water and the chance to see birds and other wildlife is great. You can find clear signs of beavers in the waterways just north of Tjurlångsgården area. The trail also passes the ruins of the Halvarsborgen castle, which has several signs with interesting information about it. The Tjurlångsleden trail is a perfect day trip for anyone who wants to experience a lakeside hiking trail near the beautiful small town of Arboga.

The Tjurlångsleden trail is well-marked and runs exclusively along forest paths. The terrain is flat but there are some rocky and root-filled spots. Spread along the trail, you’ll find three beautifully situated wind shelters with associated firepits. While there are no official swimming areas on Lake Tjurlången, there are several places where the trail meets the lake that are ideal for taking a dip. There is also a designated swimming area for dogs located by the beach near the Halvarsborgen castle. Three dry toilets can be found along the trail and are available for hikers to use.

The Tjurlångsleden trail is located less than 5 km outside Arboga's city centre and it is possible to reach it by walking the popular Lasse-Maja trial For those arriving by car, you find parking close to where you join the trail at Arboga Golf Club, as well as the Halvarsborgen castle ruins. The Arboga Golf Club is also a good spot where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or grab some coffee.

Feel free to take the opportunity to explore Arboga's city centre as a part of your hiking trip. The city is known for its well-preserved cobbled streets, mediaeval squares and old courtyards. There are several cosy cafés and restaurants, where you can sit outside and enjoy the special atmosphere of Arboga.

Find more about what there is to see and do on the Arboga municipality’s website


To get there…

By walking: Take the Lasse-Maja trail just south of Arboga's city centre. Follow the well-marked route westward for 4 km until it connects with the Tjurlångsleden trail.

By bus: You can reserve to have a bus take you from Arboga station to the trailheads via

By car: The trailheads at Halvarsborgen castle and Arboga Golfklubb can be reached via car by driving along the old Örebrovägen road, heading west from Arboga, for 5 km.


Från Arboga station går att förbeställa buss via


Parkering finns vid ledentrén vid Halvarsborg och samt vid Tjurlångens västra sida med infart vid Arboga golfklubb.


Naturliga skogsstigar och en del steniga partier. Flack terräng.