Trails of Västmanland

Arboga - MTB "The Machine"

Arboga, Västmanlands län


  • Mountainbiking

"The Machine" is Arboga's most exhilarating Flowtrail, a true gem within the Arboga MTB Arena.

Embarking on a brief transport from the trail center into the scenic Jäderskogen, the trail gains elevation in anticipation of the thrilling descent that follows. With a drop height of approximately 20m, the trail offers two options for your descent – the A-track, a smooth gravel Flowtrail, or the B-track, winding through a natural forest trail with exciting constructed obstacles. Running parallel to each other, you can seamlessly switch between the two tracks, providing flexibility based on your preferences. While the entire trail spans 1 km, you'll find yourself wanting to ride multiple laps. The addictive experience of rolling up and down the the Machine can easily fill an entire day.

A significant advantage is the trail's journey through the captivating Jäderskogen.

Welcome to the Machine, a highlight of the Arboga MTB Arena.


The Machine is a trail part of ARBOGA MTB ARENA.

The MTB trails of the Arena is managed by Arboga Cycling Club on volunteer basis.

The trails are free to use, however, donations to Arboga cycling club is much appreciated and helps with the future development of the area.


The trails starts at trail center at Arboga MTB Arena just about 2 km southwest of Arboga centre.

Enter "Jäderskogens MTB-bana" on your GPS to find the entrance to the area.

Parking is found 50 meters from the trail center.


We are many who visit beautiful forest areas like this.

As a cyclist, it's important to slow down when encountering hikers. Make eye contact and feel free to greet or make yourself heard to avoid startling others moving in the trails.


Arboga Station is accessed by both bus a train.


Parking is found approximately 50 meters from the trail center.


Single-track on mostly natural forest paths with constructed obstacles.


"The Machine has both an A-track and a B-track that run parallel to each other. The A-track is a gravel flow trail, and the B-track follows natural forest paths with constructed obstacles.