Trails of Västmanland

Hallstahammar - MTB Trail

Hallstahammar, Västmanlands län


  • Mountainbiking

The Hallstahammar MTB-Trail invites you to explore a single-track path set in a beautiful forest environment.

Embarking from the Hallstahammar Sports Center, you'll traverse 4.5 kilometers on well-marked trails following diverse terrain. While the majority of the terrain falls under BLUE (MODERATE) difficulty level, a few shorter segments provide a bit more challenge, resulting in an overall RED (DIFFICULT) grading. However, beginners need not be deterred, as the more technically demanding sections are easily identifiable and can be navigated with caution.

The Hallstahammar MTB-trail offers a genuinely fun experience, making it suitable for repeated rides. For those seeking a more extended adventure, Hallstahammar provides a network of connecting paths and gravel roads leading to every corner of the town. Many cyclists often head west to ride alongside the Strömsholm Canal, which offers a delightful experience.

Within Hallstahammar, you'll find several charming restaurants, cafes, and accommodation options, providing an excellent opportunity to explore this quaint town.

Should you require a mountain bike rental, the local company Lakeside Adventure is ready to assist you.


You can reach Hallstahammar station with both train and bus.


Parking is found at Hallstahammar sport centre.


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