Trails of Västmanland

Skinnskatteberg - Around Lake Skärsjön - MTB Blue

Skinnskatteberg, Västmanlands län


  • Mountainbiking

Explore a lakeside MTB trail, perfect for those who enjoy a moderately technical forest ride in a picturesque setting.

You have the option to kickstart your biking adventure either from Masbo Sports Ground or Skärsjön's beach. Starting att Skärsjön beach will make the total loop approximately 7 km, while a start at Masbo Sports Ground will make for 8,4 km ride.

Starting from Masbo Sports Ground, warm up on a broad gravel path winding through the forest. Then, at the intersection choose your preferred direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. Be mindful that fellow hikers might share the trail; kindly reduce your speed and exchange greetings when encountering them.

If starting at Skärsjön's beach and choosing to round the lake counterclockwise, the trail will first lead you through beautiful blueberry forests adjacent to the lake. Well-designed boardwalks will then cater to smooth the passage over marshlands and onto a scenic old forest road, guiding you until you reach a power line path. Traverse this path using boardwalks and earthen trails until you arrive at a slightly larger road. After covering a few hundred meters on this road, the trail re-enters the forest, featuring winding paths and smaller road segments. Strategically placed boardwalks on the dampest areas offer a solid surface.

Towards the conclusion of your biking journey, you'll pass by Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, providing an opportunity for wilderness experiences and overnight stays in primitive huts. Approximately 700 meters further on, you'll return to Skärsjön's beach, where you can seize the chance to enjoy a refreshing swim. If you wish to extend your stay in Skinnskatteberg but find Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge to primitive for your taste, you can instead enjoy a night of luxury at Färna Manor. Here you can enjoy nice rooms, fine-dining and SPA.


Please note: The access trail from Masbo Sports Ground is currently not signposted. Navigate according to the digital map or commence your ride at Skärsjön's beach for the time being. Rest assured, the trail around the lake is well-marked.


För start vid Masbo IP svänger du av från väg 233 mot skylt Idrottsplats i Skinnskattebergs södra ände. Parkera på anvisad grusplan.

För start vid Skärsjöns badplats svänger du av från väg 233 och följer vägskylt med badplatssymbol som visar mot Skärsjöns badplats, ca 3 km söder om Skinnskattebergs tätort. Där finns en anvisad parkeringsplan i direkt anslutning till MTB-leden.


Breda stigar med lite stenar och rötter, fina skogsvägar och välpreparerade sektioner med spänger.