Trails of Västmanland

Västerås — Ängsö Outdoor Recreation Area

Västerås, Västmanlands län


  • Near toilet
  • Stroller accessible
  • Near parking
  • Vandrarvänligt boende
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Protected nature
  • Cultural park
  • Recreation area
  • Nature reserve
  • Quiet places

Oak groves, rock cliffs, and an archipelago atmosphere in the beautiful Ängsö Outdoor Recreation Area

20 km southeast of Västerås and just over an hour's drive from Stockholm, you’ll find the beautiful Ängsö Outdoor Recreation Area. Part of a beautiful archipelago, Ängsö is an outdoor area that’s popular in both the summer and winter. Here, you can hike in the woods and through fields, cycle, skate, sail, swim, canoe, fish, and get closer to nature — and the list goes on!

The Ängsö outdoor area has six different hiking trails that take you through a variety of nature scenes and a fascinating cultural landscape with historic character. Hikers encounter deciduous and coniferous forests, slopping oak groves, lakeside cliffs, open landscapes, pastures, magnificent farms, and idyllic crofts. The varied landscapes feature unique flora and fauna.

Ängsö's six hiking trails are between 1.5 to 8.5 km long and are very well marked. All the routes are circular loops and can be linked together into unique versions. If you go all the way to the outer edge, you can hike the roughly 23 km long [trail loop around Ängsö island] ( There are toilet facilities along the route, as well as lots of nice picnic areas and public barbecue areas. The trails mostly follow natural forest paths with parts that are somewhat rocky and littered with roots. The terrain is predominantly flat, but there are some hilly areas. For those looking for more accessible routes to stroll, you can find plenty of gravel walking paths around Ängsö Castle. There, you can get around quite easily with either a stroller/pram or a wheelchair.

Ängsö’s six marked hiking trails are the Tjärnrundan loop(5 km), the Kulturstig Berg trail (1.5 km), the Prästgårdsrundan loop (6 km), the Grevens Stig trail (2.3 km), the Utörundan loop (7.5 - 8.5 km) and the Bryggrundan loop(3 km). More information about each hiking trail can be obtained by clicking on the trail in the map interface. Downloadable PDF maps are also available via the link below.

There is a lot to experience on Ängsö island! Visit for just a day or stay for a multi-day adventure. Available accommodation options include everything from campsites to cottage rentals and a bed & breakfast. Some local entrepreneurs also offer conference facilities. Central to the island is Ängsö Castle, where you can enjoy guided tours, lunch, and coffee. On the southern part of the island, there is a local fish shop, Ängsö Fisk (Ängsö Fish), and the Fiskarfruns Café (the Fisherman's Wife Cafe). On the mainland, just north of the island, you’ll find the Ängsö Golf Club, where you can hit the links and enjoy a meal.

Ängsö outdoor recreation area is managed by the Westmannastiftelsen foundation, and you can read more about the outdoor recreation area's large range of services and activities on their website.

Please keep in mind that Ängsö is a nature reserve, and there may be special rules for what you can and cannot do. Always follow the instructions on the signs and be sure to consult the website Länsstyrelsen Västmanlands Län for more information.