Trails of Västmanland

Västerås - Bay of Västerås ice skating area

Västerås, Västmanlands län


  • Recreation area

After a fulfilling season of boating and water sports, the beautiful Bay of Västerås welcomes you to embark on new winter adventures!

Once the ice is reliably frozen, an extensive track is plowed across Lake Mälaren at the Bay of Västerås. Ideal for leisurely walks, invigorating ice skating, and, of course, the delightful kicksled rides!

Although the track's specifics may change yearly, it generally commences near Västerås city at Lillåudden, tracing the eastern shoreline of the bay past Öster Mälarstrand and extending towards Björnön island. At Björnön you have two options. Either enter the scenic loop between Björnön and the mainland at Hässlösundet, or continue on the bigger loop back to Västerås. From the northern tip of Björnön the track bends and take you out on a beautiful journey along islands and open sea (ice) before circling back to Lillåudden.

The credit for this winter wonderland goes to the dedicated voluntary plowers of Västerås, who ensure the proper maintenance of Västerås Fjärden (Bay of Västerås), and Aktivt Uteliv Björnögården, responsible for plowing in Hässlösundet.

While you are ultimately responsible for your safety on the ice, you can find updates on the current ice conditions for the bay of Västerås through Västerås' voluntary plowers' Facebook page, though only in Swedish. Additionally, Aktivt Uteliv's blog provides valuable insights into the prevailing ice conditions in Hässlösundet, also only in Swedish. Should you need to rent equipment for your ice adventure, Aktivt Uteliv at Björnögården have you covered.

To elevate your winter escapade with a delectable lunch and delightful snacks, several restaurants and cafes await you at Lillåudden and Öster Mälarstrand. On Björnön, indulge in the renowned Wåffelbaren which serves waffels for both desert and lunch.

For a comprehensive guide to more activities and experiences in Västerås, explore the Visit Västerås website.


You can step onto the ice from Lillåudden near the center of Västerås, at Öster Mälarstrand, or at Björnön. Parking is available close to the ice.


You are responsible for your own safety on the ice. Make sure you possess adequate knowledge and equipment for a safe experience on the ice.


To get to Västerås, you can take the train and bus to Västerås Central Station. From there, you can either walk about a kilometer to Lillåudden or take bus line 2 towards Öster Mälarstrand and Björnön. You can find the timetable on


You will find parking at serveral places near the ice, for instance at Västerås harbour, Öster Mälarstrand och vid Björnöbron.