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Västerås — Rönnby mountain biking trail (MTB Black)

Västerås, Västmanlands län


  • Mountainbiking

The 3.7 km Rönnby mountain biking trail (MTB Black) in Västerås. You can call the Rönnby MTB Black trail Rocklunda's messy little brother when it comes to technical difficulties. It doesn’t have big rocks for performing tricks like Rocklunda, but it does offer some fairly challenging sections to put your mountain biking skills (and balance) to the test. Many mountain bikers combine the Rönnby trails with those in neighbouring Rocklunda to get a little bit longer ride.

The trails in Rönnby are actively maintained by the Västerås Cykelklubb (Västerås Cycling Club). If necessary, use the Västerås app TRYGGARE to report errors on the trails.

Right next to the trail is the Rocklunda sports complex, which buzzes with activity due to its numerous indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The first stage of the [Bruksleden hiking trail] ( also starts here. So you get to experience the landscape transition from city to countryside and then the forest.

Anyone who’s a fan of craft beer will be delighted to learn that the local brewery [Coppersmith´s] ( has recently taken over the restaurant at Rocklunda. Consider the potential of grabbing an after-biking beer at Coppersmith's Beergarden & BBQ.

If you want to extend your stay, there is the [Hem till Gården (Home to the Farm)] (, a hotel and a bistro within cycling distance where you can experience accommodations of a rural environment in the middle of the city.


Felanmälan på MTB lederna sker via Västerås Stads app: TRYGGARE

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