Trails of Västmanland

Surahammar — Lindmuren #1 mountain biking trail, 2.3 km (MTB Blue)

Surahammar, Västmanlands län


  • Mountainbiking
  • Near parking
  • Near Public Transport
  • Near toilet

Lindmuren's shortest mountain biking trail. The #1 trail runs along a wide path without technical challenges, except for a couple of uphills and downhills. These are the type of hills you usually find on exercise tracks, wide but steep enough that you have to really get your legs pumping to go up. You’ll then go downhill so quickly, that you’ll hardly have time to catch your breath before the next climb starts. This is typical of how trails in Lindmuren start off.

The Lindmuren mountain biking area has four well-marked trails, which all have the same starting point. You can park at the Surahammar Golf Club’s car park. The club has a restaurant that serves lunch between 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., which is great for anyone who wants to end their ride with a good meal and drink. There are also public toilets and a drinking water station. Please remember to pass the golf club at low speed or lead your bike when it's crowded with other guests.

If there’s no available parking at the Surahammar Golf Club, there is a small car park on the gravel road leading to the local kennel club. Be aware that the kennel club hosts competitions and events with dogs and people moving in the woods. Both the kennel club and the golf club are supportive of the bike trails that connect to their grounds, so please be sure to help maintain those relationships in the best way possible. Say hello and show extra consideration when biking through any of the overlapping areas.

For those coming with a camper van or caravan, there are some parking spaces on the site. Please call 0220-300 66 for more information and to book a space. For those who fancy playing paddle tennis, there are also two brand new outdoor courses on the site as well.

If you want to park your bike and lace up your hiking boots instead, stage 8 of the Bruksleden trail passes by the Lindmuren area.


På Lindmurens område så kan du cykla MTB, vandra, spela padel och golf.


If you’re driving from Västerås or Fagersta, take highway 66 and turn off at the sign for Surahammar Golf Club. Link to map


Parkera först och främst vid Golfklubben Alternativ parkering, ca hundra meter in på grusvägen mot Brukshundsklubben finns en liten grusparkering för några bilar.


Bred grusad stig utan tekniska hinder.