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Strömsholm Canal (section 8 of 8) — Hallstahammar to Borgåsund

Hallstahammar, Västmanlands län


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Pass castles and oak groves along the final section of the Strömsholm Canal.

This wonderful section of the Strömsholm Canal takes you from the mill town of Hallstahammar in the north southward to the canal's outlet at Lake Mälaren (sometimes also called "Lake Malar" in English) in Borgåsund. Here, nature is undisturbed and mixes with a landscape rich in cultural history. An obvious highlight is the magnificent Strömsholm Palace, which rises majestically out of the greenery just a short distance from the waterway. Charming cafés and restaurants can be found nearby throughout the route and are distinct delights. With the calm waters of the Strömsholm Canal, it’s a perfect day trip for beginning canoers or kayakers, as well as families with children looking for a paddling adventure.

The section starts at the canoe dock at the Skantzsjön lake, approximately 200 m to the east of Skantzsö Camping in Hallstahammar. You can bring your own canoe or rent one from Lakeside Adventure, which also provides transport and boat collection. You can head downstream from there, either going all the way to Borgåsund or ending your journey at one of the several mid-points along the route. Bus service is available along road 252, which connects the small towns along the canal and makes it easy to return to your starting point. There are three canal locks throughout the section, where you have to go ashore to carry or drag your canoe about 10 m. Keep an eye out for signs at the locks that instruct boaters on where to avoid running water, as well as the location of docks for going ashore.

From Hallstahammar to Borgåsund, it’s a 14 km trip that takes about 5-6 hours with a lunch or coffee break included. Before Borgåsund, you’ll pass Sörstafors (3.5 km), Kolbäck (7 km), Västerkvarn (9 km), and Strömsholm (12.5 km). It’s possible to end your trip at any of these places and take a bus back to Hallstahammar.

If you want to enliven your canoe trip with delicious food and good coffee, some recommendations include: Skantzen’s Canal café in Hallstahammar, Bella’s café in Kolbäck, Westqwarn’s restaurant in Västerkvarn, Gula Hästen Café in Strömsholm, and Borgåsund’s restaurant at the boat marina in Borgåsund.

The Strömsholm Canal is one of Sweden's longest canals and follows the Kolbäcksån river from the Smedjebacken municipality in the north to Borgåsund in the south, where it empties into Lake Mälaren. The canal began operation in 1795 to meet the transport needs of the local metal industry. Throughout its approximate 100-kilometre length, the canal passes several Västmanland mills that, in the 18th and 19th centuries, produced steel and iron, which helped build Sweden's prosperity. Several canoeing tours of the Strömsholm Canal offer the chance to experience the area’s fascinating history and beautiful nature, as well as discover lovely local cafés and restaurants. The entire canal can be travelled all at once in a multi-day trip with stops at comfortable accommodations along the way or broken up into several day trips per section over a summer.

Enjoy exploring Strömsholm Canal!

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