Trails of Västmanland

Västerås — Björnö Outdoor Recreation Area

Västerås, Västmanlands län


  • Near toilet
  • Exercise facility
  • Stroller accessible
  • Near parking
  • Near Public Transport
  • Protected nature
  • Recreation area
  • Culture
  • Nature reserve
  • Quiet places

Experience one of the most popular nature spots in Västerås: the Björnö Outdoor Recreation Area.

Björnön is an island with something for everyone. It has beautiful nature trails, running and biking tracks of varying lengths, a family-friendly mountain bike trail, a challenging high-altitude course, lovely waters for canoeing, beaches and a delicious waffle bar. In the winter, there are ski trails, a skating rink, and a popular hill for sledding. At Aktivt Uteliv (Active Outdoor Life) visitors can rent sports equipment and outdoor gear, as well as sign up for a course or guided tour.

You can visit Björnön island for just a day trip or stay for longer. Overnight accommodations can be found at Björnö Camping or the cottages rented out by Aktivt Uteliv. Here, you can wake up with grazing deer outside your door and then take a cooling dip in Lake Mälaren (sometimes also called “Lake Malar'' in English). Come alone, bring your family, or have a work conference with colleagues. At Björnögården, you’ll find modern conference rooms in close proximity to nature and the outdoors.

Björnön island is a nature reserve with a fascinating ecosystem. Forests of evergreen trees, as well as those with seasonal foliage, mix with open meadows. Rocky shorelines adorn the edges of Lake Mälaren and create idyllic spots to rest and enjoy the view of the water. Scattered around the island, visitors will find wind shelters and fire pits with dreamy views. Here, you can listen to the rich sound of birds singing, meet grazing fallow deer, and enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

Björnön island is located in Lake Mälaren, less than 7 kilometres from Västerås city centre and can be reached by bus, car, and even on foot. It’s in the middle of nature but close to the heartbeat of the city.